Braingaze; new start-up addition to Novio Tech Campus

Good news! From February 1, 2017 onwards Novio Tech Campus welcomes a new tenant: Braingaze.

Braingaze, founded in 2013, develops next-generation Mind Tracking Solutions that predict and identify personal behavior for clinical and commercial applications. The unique method of Braingaze (patented in 44 countries) is based on the predictive power of small eye movements as a marker for cognitive visual processing. They call this eye movement ‘Cognitive Vergence’. The Braingaze method is non-invasive, fast and robust, and does not require expensive hardware. As a first commercial application Braingaze has clinically validated a unique solution to more objectively diagnose ADHD in children.

Braingaze will present itself and its business case during the next SMB meeting on January 24, 2017 (Crossing Borders; Boost your Health innovation). For more information, click here.