Pharma Delta is launched!

On May 30 was the launch of a new alliance: Pharma Delta. The Pharma Delta alliance aims to set a new standard for pharmaceutical excellence and collective progress. Representatives from small and large pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, educational organizations and local governments work together to focus on accelerating innovation, strengthening careers, and creating shared sustainable facilities.

Pharma Delta intends to create an ecosystem that enhances and accelerates the entire pharmaceutical chain. Pharma Delta aims not just for an increase in jobs, but for full careers and it believes in the development and retention of staff, which is vital for the growth and prosperity of our region.

The launch took place during the From Molecule to Business network event on May 30 at Pivot Park. The official launch was performed by chair Rob Nelissen, Organon Central Northern Europe and Frank den Brok, Gemeente Oss and Harmen Neidig, HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Together we boost pharma and empower careers!

Boosting Pharma, Empowering Careers: Launching a new regional initiative

(a From Molecule to Business edition)

The Regio Farma* initiative aims to set a new standard for pharmaceutical excellence and collective progress. Focusing on accelerating innovation, strengthening careers, and creating shared facilities, Regio Farma* is set to become a game-changer in the pharmaceutical industry.

Through innovative partnerships between pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, governments, and educational organizations, Regio Farma* intends to create an ecosystem that enhances and accelerates the entire pharmaceutical chain. Regio Farma* aims not just for an increase in jobs, but for full careers and it believes in the development and retention of staff, which is vital for the growth and prosperity of our region.

(* Regio Farma is the temporary working title of the initiative)

Event Details:

Date: May 30
Time: 13:30-17:00 hrs (doors open at 13:00)
Location: Pivot Park, Oss

Event Highlights Include:

  • Official launch of Regio Farma* by chair Rob Nelissen (Organon) and councellor Frank den Brok (Oss) and Jan van Dellen, director The Economic Board Arnhem-Nijmegen
  • Keynote from Marieke Meulemans (PharmaNL)
  • Breakout sessions delving in the new initiative Regio Farma*, learned lessons from other initiatives and career development
  • Interactive roundtable discussions focussing on shared facilities for innovation and career advancement

Click on the program to enlarge the image:

Why Attend?

Discover Our Vision: Learn about Regio Farma* commitment to accelerating innovation, enhancing careers, and creating shared facilities that promise to revolutionize the pharmaceutical landscape.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals from across the sector who are united in their commitment to boost pharma and empowering Careers.

Learn from others: Benefit from the valuable lessons shared by Life Cooperative, drawing on their experiences to highlight the power of collaboration and community in overcoming challenges and fostering growth in the pharmaceutical sector.

Interactive round table discussions: Participate in conversations about the future of pharma and how we can collectively contribute to a thriving industry and regional growth.

Join Us:
Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the movement Boosting Pharma, Empowering Careers. Confirm your attendance below.

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SMB-network meeting Boosting Pharma, Empowering Careers: Launching a new regional initiative May 30, 2024 Pivot Park

This event is powered by Health~Holland, Top Sector Life Sciences & Health.

Good to know
Presentations are in English & the entrance is free (registration upfront is needed though). We welcome new guests, so please feel free to pass on this invitation to relevant people in your network!

We look forward to welcoming you. Let’s explore how we can collectively contribute to a healthier future through pharmaceutical innovation and empowered career paths!

The monthly meetings Science Meets Business aim to connect people and exchange knowledge in the world of science and business.

FirstnameInserts / TussenvoegselsLast nameOrganisation
MoniqueSchaapGemeente Nijmegenm1.schaap@nijmegen.nlGeaccepteerd
AmirFahmiRhein-Waal University of Applied Sciencesamir.fahmi@hochschule-rhein-waal.deGeaccepteerd
CindyHagensteinGemeente Ossc.hagenstein@oss.nlGeaccepteerd
HermanBreukinkAgilent Technologiesherman.breukink@agilent.comGeaccepteerd
MarissaHeddesElevate Healthmarissa.heddes@elevatehealth.euGeaccepteerd
BrigitteDreesPivot Parkjody.bloemers@pivotpark.comGeaccepteerd
DennisLöwikRadboud University/Aurelius Therapeuticsdennis.lowik@ru.nlGeaccepteerd
Simen-JanSlagmanGrindstone consultinginfo@grindstone.nlGeaccepteerd
HennyKochQimp BVhmpkoch@qimp.nlGeaccepteerd
DzenetaMahmutovicSaddle Point Science Europedzeneta.mahmutovic@saddlepointscience.comGeaccepteerd
TonCoolenSaddle Point Science Europeton.coolen@saddlepointscience.comGeaccepteerd
HarmenNeidigHAN Academie Toegepaste Biowetenschappen en Chemieharmen.neidig@han.nlGeaccepteerd
YourivanNulandNovoSere B.V.y.vannuland@novosere.comGeaccepteerd
KoenDijkstraHCM Medicalk.dijkstra@hcm-medical.comGeaccepteerd
EmieldeKleijnSLO - Scheikundeolympiadee.dekleijn@slo.nlGeaccepteerd
floorvan deWateringBriskrfloor.vandewatering@briskr.nlGeaccepteerd
MelvinZoetmanTRACER CROmelvin@tracercro.comGeaccepteerd
Dennisvan deMosselaarDenvamosinfo@denvamos.nlGeaccepteerd
MirtheErkensRijn IJsselm.erkens@rijnijssel.nlGeaccepteerd
ThomasvanErpProvincie Noord-Brabanttverp@brabant.nlGeaccepteerd
IrisSmoldersgemeente Ossi.smolders@oss.nlGeaccepteerd
Joerivan UdenOrganonjoeri.vanuden@organon.comGeaccepteerd
EmielWesterhofPivot Parkemiel.westerhof@pivotpark.comGeaccepteerd
PeterNelissenRokku IMApeter.wintertaling@gmail.comGeaccepteerd
AdindavanEijkPivot Parkadinda.vaneijk@pivotpark.comGeaccepteerd
KoenDecheringTropIQ Health Sciencesk.dechering@tropiq.nlGeaccepteerd
IngridvanBerlogemeente Ossi.van.berlo@oss.nlGeaccepteerd
MiriamAmiguettiJPP - Life Sciences Marketingmiriam@lifesceincesmarketing.nlGeaccepteerd
MarijnMartensSynaptica B.V.marijn.martens@synaptica.nlGeaccepteerd
ArtoghrulAlishbayliSynaptica B.V.artoghrul.alishbayli@synaptica.nlGeaccepteerd
BrittaDriessenPivot Parkbritta.driessen@pivotpark.comGeaccepteerd
JosBrouwersAvans Hogeschooljfhm.brouwers1@avans.nlGeaccepteerd
Stevenvan Heldenwegasteven.vanhelden@wega-it.comGeaccepteerd
BabsLigthartRadboud Universitybabs.ligthart@ru.nlGeaccepteerd
JanvanDellenThe Economic Board Arnhem-Nijmegenj.vandellen@theeconomicboard.comGeaccepteerd
FrankdenBrokGemeente Ossf.den.brok@oss.nlGeaccepteerd
PeterKetelaarLife Cooperativepeter@lifecooperative.nlGeaccepteerd
SanderVerbaarschotNelisca accountants & adviserssander@nelisca.nlGeaccepteerd
Helmavan denHurkHealth Valleyh.vandenhurk@healthvalley.nlGeaccepteerd
AnjaGarritsenInnatoss Laboratories B.V.anja.garritsen@innatoss.comGeaccepteerd
IvánOrtegaAeonian Biotech (Start-Up)tarasco1@hotmail.comGeaccepteerd
MonicaTerhalRadboud Universiteitmonica.terhal@ru.nlGeaccepteerd
PatrickvanEttenElevate Healthpatrick.van.etten@elevatehealth.euGeaccepteerd
MartineSchaeffersElevate Healthmartine.schaeffers@elevatehealth.euGeaccepteerd
AdindaDiekstraHAN_University of Applied Sciencesadinda.diekstra@han.nlGeaccepteerd
MoniqueVanScherpenzeelGlycoMScan B.V.monique.vanscherpenzeel@glycomscan.comGeaccepteerd
AnnevonBerghHAN University of Applied Sciencesanne.vonbergh@han.nlGeaccepteerd
Mariovan derToornRadboud Universitymario.vandertoorn@ru.nlGeaccepteerd
MathijsBuddingh'Radboud Universitymathijs.buddingh@ru.nlGeaccepteerd
JanRietsemaSBMC (Smart BioMaterials Consortium)jan.rietsema@smartbiomaterials.nlGeaccepteerd
ANTOINEWELLINKRadboud Universityantoine.wellink@ru.nlGeaccepteerd
PierreKoningsKONINGS Trademarkspierre@koningstrademarks.nlGeaccepteerd
MarionSchoutenBriskr | SMBmarion.schouten@briskr.nlGeaccepteerd

SMB-network meeting How to attract talent in Health & Hightech (cancelled)

Date: April 25, 2024
Registration: 15:30
Program: 16:00-17:00 hrs (+ networking, drinks & bites)
Location: Noviotech Campus Nijmegen, building M, Meet&Greet area

In an era where the demand for specialized talent far exceeds supply, the battle to attract and retain skilled professionals has intensified, especially in the critical sectors of Health and HighTech. As small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) strive to compete in these competitive markets, the question looms large: How do we attract the talent necessary to innovate and thrive?

This meeting is dedicated to unraveling the complexities of the current talent shortage and exploring strategic approaches to talent acquisition and retention. We aim to look beyond conventional hiring practices and consider innovative perspectives on jobs, work, and talent identification.

We invite our network interested in the future of talent acquisition in the Health and HighTech industries to join us for a session of insightful discussions and networking. Together, let’s discover how we can adapt, innovate, and succeed in attracting the talent that will drive your businesses forward.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights about Gen Z and strategies to overcome the talent challenge in today’s competitive landscape. See you there!


Renate Bouwman, The Economic Board Arnhem-Nijmegen, Human Capital; Working together for a labour market that works!

In this region, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and government are working together on the talent needed for the transitions in the care, technology and energy sectors. Make your contribution to these initiatives and join in as talent or as an entrepreneur!

Angelique Driessens, 3sense; Collaboration Between Different Generations in the Workplace: Tips for Success

Working well with colleagues isn’t always a breeze, especially when they’ve grown up in different times. Millennials and Baby Boomers, for example, have pretty different work styles. As a manager, you’ve got a mix of at least three generations on your team. How do you make sure they all work together smoothly?

Sanne Pas, Kracht Recruitment; Recruiting with your community!

A recruitment platform that makes hiring more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective for all community members. How? By running effective recruitment campaigns and building a shared talent pool. There are countless reasons why that one applicant may not be the right fit at the moment. But imagine if you could also see the applicants from your neighbours? How many more talented people could we connect to this region?

Live event
This event will be organized in a live setting at Noviotech Campus in Nijmegen (building M, Meet&Greet area). A few days before the event we will send an email with practical information on directions/parking (sender = You might have to check your spam box.

Good to know
Presentations are in English & the entrance is free (registration upfront is needed though). We welcome new guests, so please feel free to pass on this invitation to relevant people in your network!

Unfortunately it is not possible anymore to register, because the meeting is cancelled due to circumstances.

SMB network meeting Transforming ‘elderly’ care together recap

Last Thursday we organized the SMB- network meeting “Transforming (elderly) care together,” aimed at addressing the growing crisis in healthcare due to an aging population and a diminishing pool of young healthcare workers.

A comprehensive transformation of care is necessary, which requires collaboration across multiple sectors. We need cutting-edge living and care models that enhance independence and use informal care networks to not only solve the housing & healthcare problem, but also the growing loneliness amongst elderly.

A key focus of the meeting was the discussion on several regional actions designed to fundamentally improve (elderly) care, including the introduction of the Digital Health Challenge Lab (DHCL) and a moonshot project for the region.

By collecting the challenges in healthcare, companies are encouraged to develop innovative products and services that meet actual demand and support, thus together transforming challenges into business opportunities.

Thank you to our speakers Caroline Vos – Tolhuisen from Volkshuisvesting Arnhem Ciska Rouw from RIBW Arnhem & Veluwe Vallei and Maurice Magnee from HAN University of Applied Sciences.

After the plenary session we enjoyed the networking, drinks & bites.

Please click here for the presentations.

SMB network meeting Transforming (elderly) care together

Date: February 29, 2024
Registration: 15:30
Program: 16:00-17:00 hrs (+ networking, drinks & bites)
Location: Noviotech Campus Nijmegen, building M, Meet&Greet area

Healthcare is on the brink of a crisis. Without intervention the number of people working in healthcare would grow from 1 in 7 employees to 1 in 4, straining our labor market to its limits. The main cause is the ageing society and a shrinking pool of young healthcare workers.

You can also say we’re facing a potential, especially in (elderly)  care. It’s time for innovative solutions! Technology can support this. However, we won’t solve the labor market problems with more innovative technology alone. A transformation of care is needed and this cannot be done from 1 sector alone. We also need cutting-edge living and care models that boost independence and harness the power of informal care. To succeed, it is necessary to pair up with all parties active in in the field of health care and the living environment.

During this SMB meeting we will discuss several regional actions to fundamentally improve elderly care including the digital health challenge lab (DHCL).

In DHCL the frustrations and desires (challenges) of residents, housing associations, healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations around their (own) health, healthcare supply and the healthcare process are collected, answered and solved. On the basis of these challenges, companies can specifically develop innovative products and/or services for which there is actual demand and support. After all, a challenge is a problem with a business case!

Speakers are:

Caroline Vos – Tolhuisen, Volkshuisvesting Arnhem
Ciska Rouw, RIBW Arnhem & Veluwe Vallei
Maurice Magnee, HAN University of Applied Sciences

Live event
This event will be organized in a live setting at Noviotech Campus in Nijmegen (building M, Meet&Greet area). A few days before the event we will send an email with practical information on directions/parking (sender = You might have to check your spam box.

Good to know
Presentations are in English & the entrance is free (registration upfront is needed though). We welcome new guests, so please feel free to pass on this invitation to relevant people in your network!

We look forward to meet you!

Please register upfront:

SMB-meeting Digital Health 29 February 2024

FirstnameInserts / TussenvoegselsLast nameOrganisation
Jonathanvan DeutekomHANGeaccepteerd
DzenetaMahmutovicSaddle Point Science EuropeGeaccepteerd
NiekWellink | OostWellinkOost NLGeaccepteerd
Karinvan den BergNOELGeaccepteerd
HansMarcuseCura Instruments BVGeaccepteerd
RobinHammannInterreg Deutschland-NederlandGeaccepteerd
MarcoRosataEmpathy AIGeaccepteerd
AstridProvoostRevvity Nederland b.v.Geaccepteerd
Heinvan derPaschHeinGeaccepteerd
BenjaminJurgIn Time TecGeaccepteerd
NickyHogenkampThe Economic BoardGeaccepteerd
paulvan derHoevenRadboudumcGeaccepteerd
Pimvan derHoornHealth ValleyGeaccepteerd
BernardSmitsCollectieve HuisvestersGeaccepteerd
Wimvan denBogaardVan den Bogaard Hendrix & BeheerGeaccepteerd
MarcJansenCollectieve HuisvestersGeaccepteerd
Johnvan SambeekSMBGeaccepteerd
AshleyShihProtinhi TherapeuticsGeaccepteerd
Heinvan derPaschHeinGeaccepteerd
HansBrouwerHAN University of Applied SciencesGeaccepteerd
MarcRinkesNEWDAY innovationGeaccepteerd
ValeriaDe MatteisEP&CGeaccepteerd
ChantalVerheijden - MaasVitalBuddy B.V.Geaccepteerd
Arjanvan derMaarlGemeas PatentsGeaccepteerd
HansBrouwerHAN University of Applied SciencesGeaccepteerd
MarionSchoutenBriskr | SMBGeaccepteerd

Look back on SMB-meeting Health and Hightech crossovers November 2

The SMB-meeting on November 2, 2023 at Noviotech Campus Nijmegen brought together professionals and enthusiastic scientists interested in the convergence of health and high-tech. The event aimed to highlight the innovative ways in which technology can benefit healthcare, focusing on the use of photonics in diagnostics, 3D printing in tissue engineering, and novel sensor technologies.

We started with presentations from two pioneering companies; Surfixdx and Ourobionics showcasing their groundbreaking technologies that bridge the gap between health and high-tech.

Surfixdx presented their photonics sensor and assay technology, designed to detect specific biomarkers, particularly in relation to cancer screening. This innovation has the potential to enhance early diagnosis and monitoring of various medical conditions, including cancer, through non-invasive and highly accurate methods.

Ourobionics demonstrated how they utilize 3D printing to create bioengineered skin tissue, which can serve as models in medical testing, thus reducing the need for animal testing. This approach has the potential to revolutionize the field of medical research and development while also addressing ethical concerns.

In addition to these presentations, a valuable addition to the event was Joost Huiskens, Chief Medical Information Officer at Microsoft NL. Mr. Huiskens shared insights on how AI, particularly ChatGPT, can be leveraged to accelerate research and innovations in healthcare. He discussed the potential of ChatGPT in various aspects of medical research, from natural language processing for clinical documentation to aiding in data analysis for medical studies as well as the challenges.

Furthermore, Mr. Huiskens emphasized Microsoft’s role in facilitating these advancements. Microsoft is well-positioned to provide the technological infrastructure, tools, and expertise necessary to support the integration of AI and high-tech solutions in the healthcare sector.

The networking after the program provided an excellent opportunity for professionals to exchange ideas, forge collaborations, and explore new possibilities for innovation and advancement in both industries.

Despite the stormy weather, the event has been a great success, and it’s encouraging to see how these crossovers between health and high-tech can lead to promising advancements in medical science and technology.

SMB-meeting Health & Hightech cross-overs

Date: november 2, 2023
Registration: 15:30
Program: 16:00-17:00 hrs (+ networking, drinks & bites)
Location: Noviotech Campus Nijmegen, building M, Meet&Greet area

Nijmegen is the city of Health and Hightech. Of course in many cases these are seperate sectors but in some cases they strengthen each other. Hightech  has a lot of new potential for healthcare by using photonics in diagnostics, organ on a chip models and lab on a chip test.

Our SMB-network meeting on 2nd of November will show some interesting examples of the crossover between Health and Hightech. creates bio engineered skin tissue through a 3D printing technique that can be used as models in testing leading fewer animal testing. created a photonics sensor and assay to detect specific biomarkers, for example in relation to testing for cancer.

Surfixdx and Ourobionics will give a presentation on their technology during the meeting. After the program there is ample opportunity to network and create net links between the health and the hightech sector.

Live event
This event will be organized in a live setting at Noviotech Campus in Nijmegen (building M, Meet&Greet area). A few days before the event we will send an email with practical information on directions/parking (sender = You might have to check your spam box.

Good to know
Presentations are in English & the entrance is free (registration upfront is needed though). We welcome new guests, so please feel free to pass on this invitation to relevant people in your network!

We look forward to meet you!

Please register upfront:

SMB-meeting Health & HighTech crossovers

Derde Radboudumc Investment Day opnieuw druk bezocht

Derde Radboudumc Investment Day opnieuw druk bezocht

Op 12 oktober vond voor de derde keer de Radboudumc Investment Day plaats. Wetenschappers, ondernemers en investeerders uit de life sciences & health sector kwamen bij elkaar in het Radboudumc Experience om kennis uit te wisselen, te netwerken en te praten over nieuwe samenwerkingen.

Het evenement werd gezamenlijk georganiseerd door Briskr, Oost NL, Radboudumc en Radboud Universiteit. CFO Mark Janssen opende het evenement als gastheer namens Radboudumc. “Als Radboudumc willen wij een significant impact on health en healthcare hebben. Dat kunnen we niet alleen; dat doen we samen met ondernemers en investeerders. We hopen dus ook op deze dag dat er veel nieuwe connecties worden gelegd en nieuwe ideeën ontstaan, die uiteindelijk tot waardevolle verbeteringen leiden voor patiënten en de maatschappij.”

Hoge opkomst

Het animo voor het evenement was groot. Er waren bijna 200 deelnemers aanwezig, zo’n 60% meer dan bij de vorige editie. Alle doelgroepen waren ook ruim vertegenwoordigd. Naast presentaties van experts uit het veld konden de deelnemers dit jaar ook productdemonstraties bekijken van negen innovatieve ondernemers.

De keynote speaker dit jaar was Nettie Buitelaar, CEO van Biotech Booster. Zij raakte een snaar bij het publiek met de observatie dat Nederland goed scoort bij wetenschappelijke kennisontwikkeling en patentaanvragen in de biotechsector, maar onderaan bungelt als het gaat om het vertalen van die kennis naar succesvolle producten en bedrijven. Het Biotech Booster-programma hoopt dat laatste te gaan verhelpen.

Tussendoor maakten veel deelnemers gebruik van de mogelijkheid om 1-op-1 gesprekken te hebben, die van te voren en tijdens het evenement ingepland konden worden via een matching tool. Eén van de aanwezigen, CEO Hans Platteeuw van Galenicap, had zelfs al een succesverhaal te melden: “Ik ben vorig jaar op dit evenement mijn investeerder tegenkomen. Nu ben ik hier om zelf te kijken of ik andere mensen verder kan helpen met hun idee.”

Lars Boogaard wint postercompetitie

De Investment Day kende dit jaar voor het eerst een postercompetitie. De inzendingen werden niet alleen op hun wetenschappelijke kwaliteit beoordeeld, maar ook op hun potentieel uiteindelijk tot een succesvol product uit te groeien. Promovendus Lars Boogaard won de competitie met zijn concept voor een aanpasbaar pessarium dat door gebruikers zelf in de juiste vorm te brengen is. Hij ontving een stimulatieprijs van 2500 euro voor zijn idee.

Brug slaan tussen wetenschap en ondernemerschap

Dagvoorzitter Martijn Kriens, programmamanager bij Briskr en mede-initiatiefnemer van het evenement, benadrukte bij de afsluitende paneldiscussie nogmaals het belang van goed contact tussen alle drie de doelgroepen.

“Sommige investeerders doen niets anders dan honderden businessplannen lezen die ze opgestuurd krijgen, in de hoop dat er een keer iets goeds tussen zit. En sommige wetenschappers produceren in hun leven honderden peer-reviewed artikelen, zonder dat er ooit in de praktijk iets met hun kennis wordt gedaan. Mijn hoop is dat zij vaker én eerder met elkaar in gesprek gaan, zodat ze elkaar beter gaan begrijpen en in afstemming met elkaar toewerken naar impact op onze maatschappij, ook in de periode tussen de evenementen door, want een nieuwe datum is reeds gepland; woensdag 9 oktober 2024.”

Radboudumc Investment Day

Join the Radboudumc Investment Day

Get ready for the third edition of Radboudumc Investment Day 2023 on October 12 in Nijmegen! Jointly organized by Radboudumc, Radboud University, Briskr and Oost NL, the Investment Day is a matchmaking event for investors, entrepreneurs and top researchers in the life sciences & health domain. It is a unique opportunity to gain new business contacts and talk about the potential societal value of research with industry experts.

Our main goal for the event is matchmaking and networking. We offer several parallel sessions from top researchers, promising startups and investors. This will allow participants to pick & mix presentations to their liking and reserve time for targeted 1-to-1 meetings in between and during the program.

Feel free to check out the poster presentations from promising PhD’s and inspiring product displays from various entrepreneurs during the breaks.

Click here for an impression of last year’s edition.

The Investment Day will take place at the Radboudumc Experience Center from 13.00h to 17.30h, with optional dinner and networking afterwards. To ensure a good balance between the three target audiences, the event is invite only. If you’re interested in participating, please send an email to to receive further information.

Briskr, Oost NL, Radboudumc & Radboud University.

Only 4 days to go until the Radboudumc Investment Day!

We are enthusiastically counting down the days, because we are looking forward to it and we are ready for it: the Radboudumc Investment Day! This day, jointly organized by Radboudumc, Radboud University, Briskr and Oost NL, is a matchmaking event for investors, entrepreneurs and top researchers in life sciences & health.

Please find the final details of the program below:

Full house

More than 150 people registered for the event, again a significant increase from last year. We see a nice mix of investors, scientists and entrepreneurs on the guest list, so it will be a good day for making new contacts and talk to experts in the field about the potential societal value of research.

Our speakers

Nettie Buitelaar, CEO Biotech Booster, will be providing the keynote. In addition, sessions will be hosted by:

Maroeska Rovers – Professor of Medical Technology and Innovation, Radboudumc and Scientific Director Techmed Center, University of Twente
Nico Verdonschot – Professor in orthopedic biomechanics, Radboudumc / University of Twente
Rutger Tulleken – CEO, AMT Medical
Tony van Tienen MD, PhD – Chief Medical Officer, Atro Medical
Margret Huenerbein – CEO, Bilihome
Jaap De Bruin – Investment Manager, BioGeneration Ventures
Bert-Arjan Millenaar – Founder & CEO, NLC
Patrick de Boer – CEO, Aiosyn
Erik Storkebaum – Scientific Director, Donders Center for Neuroscience
Henri Theunissen – CEO & Co-founder, Simmunext Biotherapeutics
Johan Pijnenborg – CEO & Co-founder, GlycoTherapeutics

Innovative products

9 promising start-ups will demonstrate their products on the venue floor: Aiosyn (AI for pathology), AMT Medical (heart bypass surgery), ATRO Medical (meniscus prosthesis), Bilihome (wearable jaundice therapy), Exolumen (augmented reality for surgery), HapticLink (human-machine interaction), Ourobionics (bioprinter for artificial skin), Proparents (platform for inclusive employment) and Zereau (toilet filter for nuclear medicine).

Poster competition

8 (duos of) scientists will give a poster presentation during the program: Annelies Wauters & Roel Hammink, Maria Landinez Macias, Loran Knol & Charlotte Fraza, Rob Meuwse, Lars Boogaard, Nico Verdonkschot, Vincent Stirler and Richard ten Broek. De winnaar will be announced during the plenary closing and will win €2,500 for further research.


The event will take place at the Radboudumc Experience Center from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., followed by the opportunity for dinner and networking. To maintain a good balance between the three target groups, the event is invite only. If you are interested, please email for more information.

If you are signed up for the event, don’t forget to send your invitations for one-on-one meetings and check that you have received invitations yourself. You will have received more information about this by email.

We look forward to seeing you on Oct. 12!