Recording SMB-meeting: Supporting startups to create a significant impact

The topic of the SMB-meeting today was startups and startup communities. Nijmegen is strong in science for healthcare in areas like drug discovery and digital health. However, science alone is not sufficient to create an impact. Which is the core value for Radboudumc: To have a significant impact on healthcare. To kick off this event Mark Janssen from the board of Radboudumc provided a short introduction on the vision of Radboudumc towards the combination of science and entrepreneurship and will stress the importance of this combination.

In the next part of the SMB-meeting Nico Karsemeijer gave an interesting presentation about Screenpoint and their innovation to detect breast cancer in an early stage. Screenpoint is now a leading AI company but was once a startup originating from Radboudumc. They focus on improving breast cancer survival rates by detecting cancers earlier and making treatment more effective and less invasive.

After Screenpoint Sven the Cleijn from imec.istart informed us on the accelerator program they run in Belgium. Imec is the worldleading R&D and Innovation Hub in Nanoelectronics and Digital Technologies. Sven explained how imec will bring this program to the Nijmegen region. They are more than welcome as we think this program is precisely the kind of program we need in a complex sector like healthcare.

Corne van den Kieboom from XHeal Diagnostics was next up. This startup, that also originated from Radboudumc. Xheal Diagnostics has developed the Modular Breath Sampler. A non-invasive sampling device to sample the lower respiratory tract.

After the presentations given by the innovative companies, the final presentation was from Joram Sjoerts, director of the knowledge transfer office who will present about the role Radboudumc wants to play in the stimulation and creation of health startups.

You can watch the presentations by this link.

Below you find the recording of the meeting:



SMB-meeting Supporting startups to create a significant impact

Date: May 20th, 2021
Time: 16:00-17:00 + online networking
Location: Online
Nijmegen has a strong position in research with Radboudumc, Radboud University and some large research departments of High Tech (semiconductor) companies. In total almost 10.000 researchers work on future solutions in Nijmegen. But of course, research alone is not enough to create a signicant impact on society. For this also entrepreneurship is of paramount importance.
At Novio Tech Campus, Radboudumc and Mercator Science Park many young and vibrant startups in digital health, high tech and pharma are successfully growing their business and company. Some of whom are supported by Briskr, Mercator Launch, Startup Nijmegen and other initaitives.
At the SMB meeting of 20th May we will present the current status and future plans to stimulate entrepreneurship in the region in Health & High Tech;
Mark Janssen, member of the board of Radboudumc, will stress the importance of entrepreneurship (next to research) to create a significant impact on healthcare.
Sven de Cleyn, managing director of imec.istart will elaborate on their plans to bring their acceleration program to our region.
Joram Sjoerts, director of Radboudumc Valorisation, will give a presentation on how Radboudumc, with the help of the valorisation department, stimulates researchers to start up companies and bring the research to the market.
– And last but not least, two existing startups related to Radboudumc (Screenpoint Medical and Xheal Diagnostics) will share their experience as entrepreneurs to create a startup in the Nijmegen ecosystem.
Presentations are in English and the entrance is free. We welcome new guests, so please feel free to pass on this invitation to relevant people in your network!
We look forward to meeting you!

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