SMB meeting “Dare to ask”

The last Science Meets Business meeting before summer 2022 was on 23rd June. The topic of the meeting was traditionally “Dare to Ask”.

7 people pitched a question or their service to the Briskr ecosystem:

Koen Dijkstra, HCM Medical, asked for help on how to scale up production from the range of grammes to the range of kilos and will be brought in contact with someone from DSM well versed in scaling up complex production processes.

Angelo Andres, Odyssey Europe, is looking for better cooperation with educational institutions to attract students (and future employees!) and will be brought into contact with the HAN and ROC.

Other presentations from Beate Stevens, Rene Pulles, Ellen Altenburg&Rob Punselie, Martijn Kriens and Tonny Voermans all pitched their questions and ideas leading to several spontaneous support. The sheets used in the “Dare To Ask” sessions can be found here.

After the presentations and discussion there was a BBQ as a preparation for the summertimes and a band with live music. Even a short, unexpected but heavy rain shower could not spoil the atmosphere and conversation! Next SMB meeting after summer will be the Molecule2Business seminar on 29th September and the normal SMB meeting on the 3rd of November on the cross overs between health and hightech.

SMB-meeting #DareToAsk + BBQ

Date: June 23, 2022
Time: 16:00-17:00 hrs (doors open at 15:30)
Followed by: BBQ with live music outside on the green
Location: Meet&Greet, Building M, Novio Tech Campus

Nijmegen is the city of Health and High Tech with the vibe of the future! In our region we have many innovative companies working on the solutions of tomorrow. Our SMB network meeting on June 23 is dedicated to #DareToAsk! How can we help each other to become succesful? As alone you go fast, but together you go further!

During this meeting participants can pitch questions for support to our network, including our partners and supporting partners. For example questions for sales contacts, new personnel, sharing equipment, specific knowledge on contracts, design ideas. Whatever answers you need as missing pieces for your success.

So if you #DareToAsk we would like to call upon you all to send us an email to with a short description of your question and how you would like pitch it (i.e. with a banner, 1 or 2 slides or without any visual support).

And if you are #HappyToHelp and would like to attend the meeting and BBQ with live music, please register below!


15:30 hrs: doors open
16:00 hrs: start meeting
17:00 hrs: start bbq outside
19:00 hrs end meeting

Speakers are:

  • Martijn Kriens, Briskr
  • Koen Dijkstra, HCM Medical
  • Angelo Andres, Odyssey
  • Rene Pulles, GCP Service
  • Ellen Altenburg, Content Kings
  • Tonny Voermans, Biomed Elements
  • Beate Stevens, Aerocount

Live event
We expect the RIVM guidelines will allow us to host a physical meeting at Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen with networking and a BBQ afterwards.

Good to know
Presentations are in English & the entrance is free (registration upfront is needed though). We welcome new guests, so please feel free to pass on this invitation to relevant people in your network!

We look forward to meeting you on June 23!

Registration is closed, please contact Marion on to check if you can still join.

The monthly meetings Science Meets Business aim to connect people and exchange knowledge in the world of science and business.

Website EFRO grant period 2021-2027

For the EFRO program period 2021-2027, the new website was recently put online. On this site, you can find all the current information about the program EFRO 2021-2027 for Eastern Netherlands.

In the coming period, the site will be further supplemented with information about the grant opportunities, openings, rules, budgets, news, stories from entrepreneurs/beneficiaries and information needed for progress and final reports. Keep an eye on this website if you are an entrepreneur and would like to make use of it. (Please note, the website is in Dutch)