New colleague: Martijn Kriens

We have a new colleague!







Martijn Kriens has an extensive experience in applied scientific research. Starting out as a consultant at the Dutch organisation of applied scientific research in 1989, he worked as director of a consulting organisation, CTO of a software organisation and business development director of a research organisation before starting his own company. He is director project development of the Amsterdam Health & Technology Institute (AHTI) and is owner and founder of Medical Data Recorder, the company that has developed a “black box” for the operating room in hospitals (like a black box in airplanes). He holds an MSc in Informatics, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Martijn helps to develop an improved pathway between innovative companies and healthcare organisations for Briskr Validate!

From July 1 onwards he will also partly replace John Schalken (who is on sick leave) as Briskr business support manager. You can contact Martijn by email via and by Phone on +31 6 430 88 338. Martijn is supported by Marion Schouten.