SMB network meeting Transforming (elderly) care together

Date: February 29, 2024
Registration: 15:30
Program: 16:00-17:00 hrs (+ networking, drinks & bites)
Location: Noviotech Campus Nijmegen, building M, Meet&Greet area

Healthcare is on the brink of a crisis. Without intervention the number of people working in healthcare would grow from 1 in 7 employees to 1 in 4, straining our labor market to its limits. The main cause is the ageing society and a shrinking pool of young healthcare workers.

You can also say we’re facing a potential, especially in (elderly)  care. It’s time for innovative solutions! Technology can support this. However, we won’t solve the labor market problems with more innovative technology alone. A transformation of care is needed and this cannot be done from 1 sector alone. We also need cutting-edge living and care models that boost independence and harness the power of informal care. To succeed, it is necessary to pair up with all parties active in in the field of health care and the living environment.

During this SMB meeting we will discuss several regional actions to fundamentally improve elderly care including the digital health challenge lab (DHCL).

In DHCL the frustrations and desires (challenges) of residents, housing associations, healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations around their (own) health, healthcare supply and the healthcare process are collected, answered and solved. On the basis of these challenges, companies can specifically develop innovative products and/or services for which there is actual demand and support. After all, a challenge is a problem with a business case!

Speakers are:

Caroline Vos – Tolhuisen, Volkshuisvesting Arnhem
Ciska Rouw, RIBW Arnhem & Veluwe Vallei
Maurice Magnee, HAN University of Applied Sciences

Live event
This event will be organized in a live setting at Noviotech Campus in Nijmegen (building M, Meet&Greet area). A few days before the event we will send an email with practical information on directions/parking (sender = You might have to check your spam box.

Good to know
Presentations are in English & the entrance is free (registration upfront is needed though). We welcome new guests, so please feel free to pass on this invitation to relevant people in your network!

We look forward to meet you!

Please register upfront:

SMB-meeting Digital Health 29 February 2024

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