Recap SMB Network Meeting #DareToAsk

Yesterday’s #DareToAsk and #HappyToHelp SMB Network Meeting, along with the BBQ on July 4, 2024, was a success! Connecting science and business is a crucial aspect of this gathering, and we’re glad with the outcome.

We enjoyed compelling pitches, delicious food, vibrant music, and an incredible crowd. It was wonderful to meet you all, whether for the first time or as a reunion. We hope you found the networking sessions both before and after the event as enriching as we did.

Here’s a quick recap of the insightful pitches:

  • Briskr; Floor van de Watering – Briskr services & project updates for Pharma Delta & Digital Health Challenge Lab
  • Bronscode; Steven Bronsveld – seeks help with deciding which customer segment / market is best to approach
  • Cura Instruments; Hans Marcuse – seeks help on which business model to choose
  • Gatt Technologies; Eric Goossens – informed us on their journey and the advantages of being part of Ethicon / J&J
  • MKB Datalab Oost (RU); Dirk van Schaijk – seeks entrepreneurs for AI projects with students (masterclass, workshop, AI buddy, projects)
  • Vibe of the Future festival; Yvette Akkermans – informed us on the upcoming festival in the last week of September
  • Purivise; Robert de Boer – seeks new collaborations
  • Technoforum/Modderkolk; Franca Willemsen & Joost Weijers – seek new collaborative partners & informed us on their campus/community
  • Health Chain project call; Jutta Wirth – seeks SME entrepreneurs who wish to develop solutions for health challenges in an international setting

If you have additional tips or wish to connect with any of the pitchers, feel free to reach out to them directly or through the Briskr team.

You can review the slide decks from our presenters via this link.

Thank you for making this event memorable. We look forward to seeing you at our next SMB Network Meeting!