Master Buddy Program: Register now!

The Master Buddy Program links starting entrepreneurs to a team of master students. They are the buddy whose principal mission is to make an entrepreneur happy.  The program starts in September and is open for registration.

Collaboration for six months

The design of the Master Buddy Program is straight forward: an entrepreneur has a question and the Buddies act as a support to get to a solution. This can be about deceptively  simple questions such as: ‘What is an appropriate strategy for my company?’, ‘What opportunities are there within my market?’ or ‘What do I really have to offer to my customers?’. But simple questions are not always the easiest to solve. The Master Buddies spar, provide support, ask critical questions, have an analytical view and help retrieve relevant information. They spend half a day a week on this. The students come from the master’s program Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) at Radboud University. The program is organized in collaboration with local partners such as Startup Nijmegen and Mercator Launch.

Growth opportunities

From November onwards, students will be asked by the curriculum to investigate the opportunities for scaling and how this can be achieved profitably. The program concludes with a pitch event in February where students defend their ideas before an expert jury. The coordination of the Master Buddy Program is in the hands of dr. ir. Nanne Migchels. Registrations, questions and queries can be directed at nanne.migchels@ru.nl. Deadline is September 1st, 2024.