Look back on SMB-meeting Health and Hightech crossovers November 2

The SMB-meeting on November 2, 2023 at Noviotech Campus Nijmegen brought together professionals and enthusiastic scientists interested in the convergence of health and high-tech. The event aimed to highlight the innovative ways in which technology can benefit healthcare, focusing on the use of photonics in diagnostics, 3D printing in tissue engineering, and novel sensor technologies.

We started with presentations from two pioneering companies; Surfixdx and Ourobionics showcasing their groundbreaking technologies that bridge the gap between health and high-tech.

Surfixdx presented their photonics sensor and assay technology, designed to detect specific biomarkers, particularly in relation to cancer screening. This innovation has the potential to enhance early diagnosis and monitoring of various medical conditions, including cancer, through non-invasive and highly accurate methods.

Ourobionics demonstrated how they utilize 3D printing to create bioengineered skin tissue, which can serve as models in medical testing, thus reducing the need for animal testing. This approach has the potential to revolutionize the field of medical research and development while also addressing ethical concerns.

In addition to these presentations, a valuable addition to the event was Joost Huiskens, Chief Medical Information Officer at Microsoft NL. Mr. Huiskens shared insights on how AI, particularly ChatGPT, can be leveraged to accelerate research and innovations in healthcare. He discussed the potential of ChatGPT in various aspects of medical research, from natural language processing for clinical documentation to aiding in data analysis for medical studies as well as the challenges.

Furthermore, Mr. Huiskens emphasized Microsoft’s role in facilitating these advancements. Microsoft is well-positioned to provide the technological infrastructure, tools, and expertise necessary to support the integration of AI and high-tech solutions in the healthcare sector.

The networking after the program provided an excellent opportunity for professionals to exchange ideas, forge collaborations, and explore new possibilities for innovation and advancement in both industries.

Despite the stormy weather, the event has been a great success, and it’s encouraging to see how these crossovers between health and high-tech can lead to promising advancements in medical science and technology.