SMB-meeting Digitial Healthcare together with OnePlanet

The topic of the SMB meeting on March 4th was cooperation with OnePlanet. OnePlanet is a new initiative by IMEC together with Wageningen University, Radboudumc and Radboud University. Their focus is on technology innovations in Food, Health and our environment. The Oneplanet Program can play a major role in our region in the next decade in terms of the invention of new technologies, the validation of those and in sucessfully bringing these to the market. In order for this to be successful we need a strong cooperation between science and business. Therefore we are happy to have Chris van Hoof, CEO of the OnePlanet organisation as our keynote speaker. We do hope that this will be a fruitful cooperation between our ecosystem and that of OnePlanet. Chris gave an overview of some of the cool projects they are working on and how he looks towards future collaboration on creating impact.

After his presentation we saw two pitches of startup companies that already collaborate with OnePlanet:

  1. Hans Niendieker (Ivido)
  2. Martijn Vastenburg (ConnectedCare)

Our last keynote speaker from this SMB Meeting is Harry van Goor, Prof. dr. at Radboudumc. He is primarily engaged in research in the field of gastrointestinal surgery, surgical education and innovation. He talked about the importance of collaboration in innovation from his perspective as a medical doctor and the need of monitoring real patients in studies like the Virtual Patient Monitoring Platform. From a pilot to a business case means you can innovate patients healthcare, but what are the obstacles in this process, and what do we learn?

Please click here for the presentations.