Look back at the SMB meeting: the role of keeping our healthcare system healthy

This SMB meeting was about the role of keeping our healthcare system healthy, in all aspects.

Remco Hoogendijk of the Sint Maartenskliniek started the first presentation and talked about their MaaS project and the online environment that has been created for patients to follow and plan their own care and treatments. Remco expects that care will become increasingly virtual, including appointments.

Angelique Moonen of VIGO Group focused on the ‘Wicked problems in healthcare’; Long waiting lists, long waits for surgery and the shortage of professionals. At the same time, patients only expect more from professionals. In order to actually implement digital innovations, things need to change! Vigo Group is happy to start a change and has created a new Platform Ecosystem, where people work on their mental health and mental resilience themselves and can get a better match with the professionals.

E-Health specialist Ruben de Neef from Luscii talked about unlocking the power of patients. With Florence Nightingale as an inspiration to approach the condition of a patient from a different point of view. Luscii can be a virtual member in your care team, an extra team member. Luscii notices things in the home of the patient and sees different things than the doctor in the hospital sees. There is already a large library in this tool with 40 pathways to follow, developed by doctors and nurses for the patient. And the possibilities are endless for further digital development in the future.

Gert-Jan de Brok, co-founder of InMotion VR is very fond of games and technology. So their motto is: Let’s play to heal. They use Corpus VR for the rehabilitation of a patient. As many people already use wearables with sensors, they can reach a large audience and it’s very cost & time efficient. Gamification is fun, which is why it works better than traditional methods of physiotherapy.

Finally, we were updated on the Digital Health Hub by Tom van de Belt and Floor van de Watering. Tom started the presentation with a digital health ecosystem analysis of our region. Floor van de Watering adds: Healthcare professionals encounter problems that they do not communicate efficiently to innovative organisations. And on the other hand companies develop innovations that the healthcare sector does not need or see as a problem. And for some problems the solution might already be available in a completely different market (e.g. planning tools for distribution).

The digital health Hub will fill this gap and bring the right parties together, so that relevant innovations can be made and the pressure on healthcare can be relieved with the help of digital innovations. It will be a great, but rewarding challenge for the future to work on this together!

We thank all the speakers for their interesting contributions to this SMB meeting about digital health!