Kick-off session SMB assessment

You are a young company in the region Nijmegen that wants to grow up as fast as possible. Where are you today? And what action is needed to grow to a mature business organization? SMB Life Sciences offers you an assessment to get the answers to these questions by a Venture Health Check resulting in a tailor-made advice report. The assessment starts March 5th with a joint kick-off session followed by a personal assessment (to be planned by you) for your venture. Thanks to  EFRO/Gelderland, we only ask a contribution of 600 Euro per venture (younger than 6 years!) for the complete program .

Venture Health Check
The venture health check will use a venture development framework that is based on ‘best practices’ in venturing. The assessment will not only tell you how you are doing, but also gives recommendations for you and your venture on issues, such as:

  • the characteristics of your venture (how disruptive are you?);
  • your ‘age’, i.e. at which stage is your venture;
  • your achievements and your areas for improvement;
  • how you act as an entrepreneur, using the five principles of effectuation.

BusinessModel - Bell MasonThe assessment will be conducted by Corina Kuiper and Fred van Ommen – both experts in venturing and entrepreneurship – and will focus on your entire business; including the market, your offering, the people, partners & organization and your business model.

Program & planning
The SMB assessment starts with a kick-off session to explain the framework and the principles of effectuation:

Date: March 5th 2015
09:30 – 11:30 hrs
Location: SMB Meet & Greet at Novio Tech Campus Nijmegen (directions)

After the kick-off session you can plan your personal assessment including:

  • an intake interview (0,5 -1 hour);
  • an in-depth interview of 3 hours;
  • a feedback session (1 hour) to discuss the report you will receive. All the information will be treated confidential and the report is for your eyes only.

In the shared learning session at the end (May/June 2015) we present some common issues and will make you familiar with some venturing best practices and techniques you can apply to your initiatives.

Thanks to EFRO/Gelderland SMB Life Sciences can cover most of the costs of this assessment. Therefore, we only ask a contribution of €600 per venture (more than 1 person per venture can participate). Your life science company needs to be younger than 6 years and connected to Nijmegen region.