‘Innovative technology for improved eating behavior’

Yesterday’s SMB meeting on ‘Innovative technology for improved eating behavior’ was co-created by OnePlanet.

Thea Kemenade of Oneplanet informed us that nutrition & health is one of their focus points. OnePlanet collects data in all kinds of ways and with innovative tools. Their research projects are done from Radboud University and Wageningen University and they collaborate closely with entrepreneurs, education & iMEC. All focused on: How technology can contribute to a better and healthier lifestyle?

Sander Hermsen from OnePlanet Research Center informed us on their studies with regards to Motivational feedback for behavioral change. When does feedback motivate? And when do we act upon it?

As we want to connect Science to Business during our meetings. The next big question is: What can companies do with this data? And how can they improve their innovations with it? That’s what Femke de Gooijer and Edgar Schwandt old us.

Femke works for Wageningen University and is involved in the project Vinn de Smart Tray, which is an automated food intake and eating behavior assessment method.

Salut started in 2019. Their mission is to make people live 5 years longer in good health. They have now developed a website and app for this purpose. In the future, they are going to create a platform and wearables. What is the right diet for me? How much should I exercise? All tailored to the individual based on individual data.

During this meeting, it became clear that there are unlimited possibilities for gaining and using data to gain a healthier lifestyle. Companies can join OnePlanet to use these studies in the development of their own innovations.

You can find the presentations here.