Digital Health companies in the Nijmegen region

Health Valley has published a Digital Health Guide together with the Radboudumc, the Novio Tech Campus, the Municipality of Nijmegen and Briskr. The aim: to connect Digital Health players in the Nijmegen region and beyond! This will benefit the development and scaling up of Digital Health innovations and economic growth in the Nijmegen region.

Focus region Nijmegen
Digital Health is an important focus for the Nijmegen region, given its large healthcare sector. Over a quarter of the inhabitants have a job in healthcare. In addition, the region is home to many knowledge partners, healthcare organisations and innovative entrepreneurs who are working every day to improve healthcare with digital solutions. Digital Health ambassador for the Nijmegen region Tom van de Belt is therefore pleased with the guide’s arrival.

“The challenges facing healthcare are considerable and innovations can help us keep healthcare affordable and of good quality, now and in the future. Looking at the guide, it strikes me how much we as a region already have to offer in the area of digital health. The innovative power stands out, not only in companies but also in healthcare institutions and knowledge institutes.”

Global problem, local approach
Although the players in the field of digital health often operate internationally, there is also a need for local and regional cooperation. Van de Belt: “Developments in the field of Digital Health are rapid and you need to follow developments on a global scale, but certainly also locally. I see this guide as a calling card for the region, so that parties from here and abroad can see at a glance what we have to offer”.

Players know how to find each other
If you want to make an impact in the field of Digital Health, you need the right partners. Chris Doomernik, director of Health Valley states: “You can map out your problem and wish list for healthcare as well as you can validate your innovation, if you want to scale up you simply cannot do it alone. It is therefore important that partners from the triple helix find each other more easily. That will benefit the development and scaling up of digital health innovations and economic growth.

Click here for the guide.