Visit Business Metropole Ruhr to Nijmegen

On 29th of March Business Metropole Ruhr brought a visit to the Nijmegen health ecosystem.

Business Metropole Ruhr is a metropole region of over 5 million people with many healthcare companies, hospitals and other care activities. As such the area is an interesting area to expand internationally due to the close proximity to Nijmegen and the high population density.

During the visit an overview was given on the activities in Nijmegen by Jan van Dellen (director Economic Board), John van Sambeek (Civic Entrepreneur Economic Board), Martijn Kriens (program manager Briskr) and Bert Krikke (director Noviotech Campus). The visit will lead to further activities to support mutual business on both sides of the border.

As a first step Business Metropole Ruhr will give a workshop on doing business in Germany and Briskr will give a workshop in Germany on how to approach the Dutch healthcare market.

Interested in internationalisation to Germany, contact martijn.kriens@icrowds.net