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For questions please contact the Grant Support Office.

  • 9 September Webinar Crowdhelix platform – a platform that helps you participate in/create consortia – see below
  • 15 September 2021 EU4Health – Focus on cancer – submission of full proposal (read)
  • 21 September 2021 ZonMw – Knowledge questions outcome oriented care – submission of full proposal (read)
  • 27 September 2021 Maarten van der Weijden foundation – submission of pre-proposal (read)
    Submission of full proposal: 18/12/21
  • 7 October 2021 NWO & ZonMw – Safety assessment via animal-free models – submission of pre-proposal (read)
    Submission of full proposal: 17/2/2022
  • 13 October 2021 Health Holland – Illustration Projects for the transition of Health and Care  submission of pre-proposal (read)
    submission of full proposal: 16/3/2022
  • 15 October 2021 KWF 2022-1 – submission of full proposal (read)
  • 19 October 2021 NWO – Perspectief 2021/2022 – sign up for programma initiative (read)
    deadline programme design: 23/11/2021. deadline programme proposal: 17/5/2022
  • 16 November 2021 MSCA Doctoral Networks (previously: ITN) –  submission of full proposal (read)
  • 2 December 2021 NWO Research Infrastructure – submission letter of intent (read)
    submission of full proposal: 15/2/22
  • 15 December 2021 KWF 2022-2 – submission of full proposal (read)
  • continuous application KWF Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) 2021-2022 (read)

Crowdhelix – Find partners for collaborative projects on the Crowdhelix platform

To support researchers with finding European partners and creating a network around Horizon Europe calls, Radboudumc and Radboud University have joined the Crowdhelix community. The Crowdhelix platform offers researchers to share their expertise and get in touch with European colleagues that share their interests.

Are you, or do you know, someone that is interested in participating in European collaborative projects but not yet has the network to start? Then joining the Crowdhelix platform is the perfect way to meet researchers and companies that are looking for the same thing. You can find more information on the Grant Support Office intranetsite and email EUgrants@radboudumc.nl with questions.

Join the webinar: Networking with Crowdhelix on 9 September, 10 – 11 a.m. Click here for more information.