The role of digital health in keeping our health system financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable (online)

Date: January 27th
Login: 15:45
Time: 16:00-17:00 hrs (+ online networking)
Location: Online

Without interventions 1 in 4 people will work in healthcare in 2040 (compared to 1 in 7 now). And even these days it is already hardly sustainable in terms of people and costs. The inevitable conclusion is that we need to improve productivity not by working harder but by working smarter. This is possible with the help of Digital Health innovations.
During the covid pandemic, digital health innovations have been increasingly used for virtual care and self-management. There was a clear shift from digital health innovations as ‘a potential opportunity’ to ‘an immediate necessity’. Since digital health innovations hold the potential to further improve the efficiency, accessibility and quality of care such as by reducing workload and fewer travel movements, the question is how we can accelerate implementation. Not only during this pandemic, but also when the pandemic comes under control.
How can the healthcare ecosystem retain added value from digital health innovations? How can the ecosystem start new collaborations that result in better digital health innovations?
So how do we improve productivity overall whilst increasing quality? In the SMB meeting on January 27 two care organisations and two health companies will explain how they deal with digital health innovation. Moreover, Tom van de Belt (Digital Health Ambassador Nijmegen & Radboudumc) and Floor van de Watering (OostNL) will present their plans for the digital health hub, an initiative with the aim to improve healthcare through cooperation between health organizations and health companies.
Welcome by Martijn Kriens from Briskr
Maartenskliniek (Remco Hoogendijk)
Vigo groep (Angelique Moonen)
InMotionVR (Gert-Jan Brok)
Luscii (Ronald Scheffer)
Digital Health Hub (Tom van de Belt, Radboudumc & Floor van de Watering, Oost NL)
Questions & wrap up
For those interested, we will conclude the event with the opportunity for online networking where you will be placed randomly in a Zoom room. 
Online event
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