Science Meets Business; AI, revolution in healthcare?

Digital data offers opportunities for innovation in many areas. During the science meets business gathering on 30 January, we looked at the impact of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare innovations. Are we looking upon a revolution?

Everything we do nowadays generates digital data. Every treatment leads to insurance claims, vital signs are monitored 24/7 and diagnostics like MRI, X-rasy all lead to new snippets. This explosion of digital data gives us completely new possibilities in healthcare! Machine learning, neural networks and decision support systems give us new sources of information. Especially in healthcare this will lead to big chances in how healthcare works, including the role of the professional.

Bram van Ginneken gave an overview of the development in AI in health in general. Bart Geerts from Healthplus.ai talked about an example application of AI in healthcare and the impact of these developments on the medical profession.

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