Science Meets Business: Partners in Innovation

Date:              Thursday December 11, 2014
Time:             16:30  – 18:00 hrs
Location:       Novio Tech Campus (in the SMB Meet & Greet)
.                      Transistorweg 5 Nijmegen (directions)
Speakers:      Loretta van Kollenburg, CEO HybriScan Technologies
.                      Ed Koster, Coördinator Radboud Research Facilities

HybriScan is a highly innovative leader in development and distribution of nanoscale hybrid microscopes. Its customers are research laboratories of universities and innovative companies working in different application fields. Radboud Research Facilities is a cooperation between Radboud University and Radboudumc. This facility enables companies, knowledge institutes and start-ups to use specialized and high tech equipment, facilities, knowledge and expertise which the Radboudumc and the Radboud University have to offer. As “Partners in Innovation” they tell their story: What is the key to successful partnering and entrepreneurship.

16:00    Registration & Welcome
16:30    HybriScan Technologies – Loretta van Kollenburg
17:00    Radboud Research Facilities – Ed Koster
17:30    Network & Drinks

The presentations will be held in English

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