Recording and slides Healthy brains for healthy work

Connecting science and business is an important aspect of the SMB meetings. And yesterday’s event was a true example! Lucy Overbeek from Healthy Brain Study informed us on the why and moreover the how of the study that started in 2017 to unrafel the brain of people in their 30’s from the Nijmegen region to understand human behavior in daily life. This unique source of data (90 Terabyte!) is used by a.o. Erik Bijleveld and his colleagues to study the impact of work on the mind, body, and brain. Erik singled out two themes for this event; Mental fatigue and Sitting behavior (‘Sitting is the new smoking’). Finally Doeska Anschutz (Founder of The Lab of Life) explained how the data from the HBS and the scientific evidence from Erik’s team has been used to develop a behaviour change training for youth and adults to increase wellbeing.

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