Recap SMB-meeting June 29

Connecting science and business is an important aspect of the SMB-meeting on June 29. We look back on a successful event with good pitches, good food, good music and a fabulous crowd!

Here’s a short recap of the questions from our pitchers:

Martijn Kriens, Briskr asked what the Briskr team could do to improve. Which workshops are lacking? What issues you need help with?

Joey Michorius from Avivia proposed to partner up for business fairs and events to enhance each other and share costs. And offered to share equipment.

Nando ZieverinkEnzyre B.V. enquired for tips on failing freezers and is looking for tenants at NTC who can offer back-up or would like to partner up to acquire a back-up freezer.

Tim Govers from Medip Analytics asked for advice on a commercial launching strategy (or what not to do) for their (prostate) platform in Q4, 2023. And how to enter the US / Asian markets.

Joost KoelegaEPR Partner offered to make it together. EPR focuses on devices that need electronics that are not standard, but are developed for scale-up production at a later stage.

Frank Walboomers from HCM Regulate informed us about a new cooperation between HCM Medical and Radboudumc Dental unit and explained which services are offered.

Celien van Lochem and Gert de Boer from Qserve Group promoted their services & their upcoming conference and offered a nice discount for the Briskr network.

Sandra de VosVosfox Medical informed us about their low volume production of components & (medical) devices in Amersfoort and informed if the audience knew suitable customers.

Marco De Boer (Ph.D., MBA) from Predica Diagnostics BV that wants to improve the prevention & treatment of cancer asked for tips&tricks on how to access the US market.

Oliver MaiwaldSencio BV (packaging of electronics) was looking for tips on how to change the mindset from made in China to made in Europe!

Should you wish to review the slide decks from our presenters, you can view them via this link (scroll down the page and click on the presentation of your liking under June 29, 2023).