Business Meets Science: Corporate Venturing, The Art of Raising Teenagers

Spreker Drs. Ir. Corina Kuiper EMFC RC Adjunct Professor Corporate Venturing & Innovation, Antwerp management School

Donderdag 18 april van 16.30 tot 17.30 uur
in gebouw Beter 2.0 Geert Groote plein 25 Nijmegen (route 196 Radboud Campus)

The life-cycle of innovation can be compared with the life-cycle of a human being. The majority of the activities of a corporation consist of adults: existing products and services that provide for today’s income. They also have babies – the disruptive long-term innovation projects in their nascent stages. To turn these babies into successful grown-ups, you first will be confronted with the teenager stage – ventures that have starting testing the first product in the first market segment selling to new customers using new business models and channels that are often conflicting with the current way of working of the mother. Large companies cherish their adults and their babies but find it far more difficult to raise their teenagers. Why this is so difficult and how to deal with these teenagers will be the core of Corina Kuipers presentation.

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