Recording of Molecule to Business event: How Covid-19 boosts innovation and new business

Yesterday (September 24th) we organised our annual ‘From Molecule to Business’- event with our partners Briskr, Health Valley and Pivot Park. It was a hybrid event (both online and offline). The theme was: How Covid-19 boosts innovation and new business. Prof. Netea informed us on the research with regards to the positive effect of existing BCG vaccination on the immunity for new viruses. And we shared inspiring examples on new (Covid-19) projects that have been initiated in the Oss-Nijmegen region. We finished off with an expert panel discussion. All companies showed great resilience and flexibility to reinvent their business and most speakers praised the work from the teams involved.


Prof.dr. Mihai Netea, Radboudumc experimental internal medicine

Thomas Kerbusch, Chief Growth Officer Certara

Christian van Munster, Founder and Director HCM-Medical

Nienke Oldenburg, Marketing InProcess LSP

Bernd van Buuren, Owner and CEO Protinhi Therapeutics

Anja Garritsen, Founder and CEO Innatoss

To (re)view the recording of the meeting, on YouTube please click on the picture below: