Start-ups and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) play an increasing important role in Life Science and Health innovation.

SMB Life Sciences boosts open innovation by providing state-of-the-art and top quality facilities, together with coaching and support of start-ups and SME’s, by stimulating entrepreneurship and business sense in an environment of the excellent science of  Radboud university medical center.

In combination with our international network and regional partners in Life Science & Health, SMB aims at catalyzing and boosting the synergy of Science meeting Business and provides an open Life Science & Health Incubator ecosystem.

SMB Facilities & Support offers:

  • high quality housing and flexlabs for scientists, start-ups and SME’s
  • Life Science Lab facilities ( ML-1,2,3), full service offices
  • meeting and conference facilities
  • facility and technology platform sharing with Radboud centres of excellence (such as PRIME/Imaging, animal facilities, cyclotron, NCMLS, IMM, CRCN)
  • coaching and support for starting and growing enterprises, EFRO/Gelderland supported SMB grant
  • international and regional network in Science and Business (SME’s and international players like ROCHE, Siemens, Philips)